"Conseguimos traer a la calle lo que solo tiene la gente que sale de ella"

Gold Dealers was born at the end of 2018 as a way to bring an almost non-existent product such as hip-hop jewelry to Spain. The idea arose from our need to wear the chains and other pieces of costume jewelery that imitated what our idols wore, in order to ensure that our friends could also materialize that aesthetic that we wanted to emulate so much. It all started with few pieces, but little by little and through trial and error, we created a refuge for all those people who did not feel identified with what the market offered. We began to work with the best professionals, to create with unique and never-before-seen costume jewelery qualities, to sell our products all over the world little by little. Gold Dealers is not just a bill-paying project, it's the start of something much bigger than we can imagine now. Gold Dealers is the voice of a generation that has long called for a change, it is the rebellion of society in the face of imposed canons but, above all, it is a way of thinking, living and creating. Gold Dealers was born in the streets and will die in the streets, because we managed to bring to the street what only the people who come out of it have.

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